Women Leaders in Global Health

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Well… I have fallen in love, with a website that is. This website has everything I’ve wanted and more..in regards to Global Health of course! Not only does this website hold promising qualities of job opportunities but has a strong support system where I can reach them at any point in time whenever I need them! All jokes aside I am so excited to have found Women in Global Health’s website. What makes this even better is through my PLN a fellow IDS student even sent me their twitter account saying she thought of me and that’d I would most definitely be interested in exploring! Moments such as there are what remind why I love being an Interdisciplinary Studies Major, every student works to not only motivate themselves, but their classmates too!

While exploring the Women in Global Health website I came across a multitude of resources and information that can be easily accessed. Ranging from their approaches, recent/past initiatives, all of their social media accounts, resources and how a person can become involved. Something else I fo

Screen shot from http://www.womeningh.org/get-involved

und interesting was their blog page. It includes archives dating back to 2016 and a sidebar that allows you to search by category! This is helpful for me because if I need to know something about the World Health Organization or the Center for Disease Control I can find article related to them through their website!


I was excited to sign up for the Women in Global Health newsletter but also sent in an inquiry to learn more about regional chapters for Women’s Global Health

Screen shot of http://www.womeningh.org/get-involved

near me! I am excited to now hold another great resource to put toward my personal learning and capstone project.


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  1. Your post provides a first hand account of just how great the creation of a PLN is! Through the community you have built around you and placed yourself into, the resources you are gaining feel extremely relevant to not only your education, but your developing professional life as well! I think it’s wonderful the way you shared what the website was about and how you interacted with it.

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