Three Readings Reflection

CCBY2.0 Leigh Blackall

I found these three readings to be extremely eye opening. Prior to being a student in Plymouth State University’s Interdisciplinary Program I wasn’t aware of the increasing trend of students having their own personal web domain, if I’m being completely honest I barely understood what domain meant. I’m just starting out! I especially enjoyed reading Colleges Must Reconstruct the Unity of Knowledge By Vartan Gregorian This article touches on how college is a time in a student’s life for self-discovery,  developing passionate interests, and trying to weave them into a meaningful career. I feel that I and many peers can relate to this because social trends are constantly putting pressure on many young students to follow a certain path in a certain way and if not it almost signifies failure in a sense. I know myself, that I want to be a nurse someday but ultimately learned I was unable to balance school, playing on the women’s soccer team and working all at once, because I see it is a trend that you must complete and be successful with the course path within four years, I felt as though I had failed. I have learned over time it is okay to approach your ultimate dream career in a way that deems suitable for YOU. This could mean getting your degree over the course of eight years if you have to, but along the way keeping a healthy mental/physical state and incorporating things that make you happy as well. You shouldn’t have to sell yourself short in order to reach “an unwritten time limit rule” stamped on your lifestyle choices. Slow and surely all will find its way of working out, it take patience.


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3 thoughts on “Three Readings Reflection”

  1. I love the epiphany here! Your education is yours, so there is no “wrong” way to do it as long as it leads you where you want to be going… though sometimes colleges can make it feel like there is only one right path. Great post– look forward to reading your work this Spring!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your post! It gives a huge insight in your life, and how devoted you are to education! I believe that IDS is made for people with passion, like yourself! I can’t wait to see how having an online domaine works into your education, and how your education will be improved by it! (sorry for all the exclamation points. I get excited.)

  3. Personally I definitely agree with what you have to say. When I used to go to the University of Rhode Island I ran track & field and had aspirations of playing on the basketball team there. It was extremely hard balancing sports and school work all at the same time and my grades suffered because of that. Ultimately after getting injured I decided to transfer and haven’t regretted that decision yet.

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