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The Languages & Linguistics department here at Plymouth State University gives students the opportunity to access a portal of global awareness by promoting understanding, acceptance and diversity.  Students have unique options to expand their knowledge in this global setting. Some of the programs offered include a major or minor in French and Spanish; minors in Applied Linguistics; and language course offerings in American Sign Language.

The Spanish language is spoken by more than 350 million people worldwide, in the United States alone there are 45 million people speaking Spanish as a first or second language. At Plymouth State University, students enrolled in Spanish will learn language development skills, Latin-American culture, politics, history, art, music, and literature. The Spanish language is a key tool in today’s society, and is a note worthy quality to have in the hunt for a job. With a Spanish degree a student may pursue a profession in education, research, translation, interpretation, diplomacy, banking, public health, media studies, and business.


Not interested in a Spanish major but still want to learn Spanish? No worries a Spanish minor is as easy as 17 credits!



While at Plymouth State University, students are encouraged to study abroad. For Spanish speaking students there are opportunities for a direct exchange program with the Universidad Austral, where you can study abroad in Valdivia, Chile for the same price as PSU tuition and keep your financial aid package! There are also have numerous study abroad opportunities in several Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Costa Rica.


Don’t have time to major, minor, or study abroad? Have no fear the PSU Spanish Club is here!If you love conversing in Spanish, learning about cultures other than your own, field trips, yummy food and meeting new friends then join Spanish club here at Plymouth State University! The club meets every Thursday in Hyde 231 at 5pm.





Take a look at what I’m doing this summer!!
As a Global Health major I chose to minor in Spanish to create a diverse area of expertise in the Healthcare field all around the world. The Spanish classes here at Plymouth State are accelerated but a method to improve this discipline
is to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture, what better way than to study in Argentina for four weeks! In addition students are placed with a host family with whom you will learn their everyday life-style and traditions.



Questions? Contact:

Department of Languages & Linguistics:
Hyde Hall
Room 222
Phone: 603-535-2304
(Lisa Herder, Administrative Assistant)
Fax: 603-535-2780




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  1. Seems like we could have added a few more things related to the classwork yesterday, but despite missing some of that, I just love a lot of this post. It’s really friendly, specific, and well-illustrated, and I really feel like I get a good sense of our program at PSU. Fun to read!

  2. Love this post! I chose it as one of my five posts from my assigned column for our introduction course. I thought the post was organized really well and very informational. I had an interest in minoring in Spanish at one point, but never followed through, but this post spiked my interest in it again. I liked how you gave information on the major, minor, and the club on campus.

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